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  • This illustration assumes all scheduled contributions will be made and it is not intended to show an actual future value. Investment returns and the actual future value of an education savings plan cannot be predicted or guaranteed.
  • This is an illustration only and is intended to show how much a CST Advantage Plan may be worth when your child is ready to head off to post-secondary school assuming all scheduled contributions are made. It is not intended to show an actual future value. The Total value includes net contributions (contributions less sales charges and fees), plus the sales charge refund, government grants, income on net contributions and grant, group plan benefits and future scheduled contributions until your child turns 17.It does not include CLB, Additional CESG or Additional QESI.. The projected income on net contributions and grants is based on an annual net rate of return 4% and group plan benefits are calculated using historical rates of participation with an assumed net return of 4%.

Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans 2022 Audited Financial Statements

Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation, 2022.

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CST Advantage Plan
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The CST Advantage Plan is designed to fit into your life with easy ways to save that focuses on protecting your long-term investment. 

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