In 2030, accountants will still be providing the same service they always have—helping their clients, people and businesses keep their finances in order and understand how they are managing financially.

However, as the world becomes more connected, getting the right financial picture will become more important. Accountants are important partners for anyone interested in maintaining a clear view on their finances. Accountants build reports on a business’ financial situation to an internal audience, so that the right decisions can be made. They may communicate with external parties like governments, investors, banks, or other businesses about a company’s internal financial situation. They may also be responsible for auditing, in order to evaluate the financial health of a business or organization.Tomorrow’s accountants will need to have a solid grasp of the numbers, but a familiarity with international business structures will really prepare them for an interconnected world. An accountant in 2030 might also benefit from a familiarity with other non-monetary goods and values, so that a picture of economic health might include other aspects like social goods and positive environmental impacts.

Job Requirements/Skills

Accountants must be very detail-oriented. They must also be able to turn these fine financial details into information that is useful for other people, who might not have the same technical background. Accountants are organized thinkers with an ability to see patterns in data and an desire to interpret these patterns.