By 2030, many Canadians will have left jobs in agriculture for other careers. As a result, Canada’s farming sector will be under pressure to find new workers. De-mographics in the developing world demonstrate that in many places, the workforce is young—and eager for new opportunities.

An agricultural work permit recruiter works on behalf of the Canadian govern-ment, filling key gaps in Canada’s current workforce. Recruiters carefully pre-screen, hire, and place the best immigrant candidates in jobs. This new system for finding, coaching, and helping immigrants settle in makes the process of coming to Canada, finding work, and establishing a new life much smoother for newcomers. The pro-gram works in a similar way to the placement program for new professional gradu-ates like nurses or pharmacists. Like these new graduates who receive incentives for working in remote areas, agricultural immigrants will receive preference for settling in Canada permanently.

Job Requirements / Skills

Agricultural work permit recruiters are keen social observers, halfway between an employment and cultural counsellor. They are empathetic communicators with a good business sense. A sense of fairness and respect for other cultures, ethnicities, and ways of life is essential, as all work permit recruiters will be coming into contact with people who are different on a daily basis.