The Arctic adventure business is booming. Now that the Northwest Passage is open, tour ships regularly travel to remote places such as Baffin Island. Your job as an arctic adventure guide will be to provide a rugged and exciting outdoors experience in these remote locations, while ensuring the safety of your travellers.

First nations and Innu people have discovered the benefits of adventure and eco-tourism for the local economy. Eco-tourism in particular has become way for younger members of the northern community to educate visitors about their history and land claims while tourists are boating or observing the region’s famous polar bears. Drone technology (remotely controlled airborne devices) and the new light airships that have largely replaced ice roads mean more of the north is open to visitors than ever before.

Job Requirements / Skills

First aid, piloting, boating, and other outdoor skills are musts for this job. Friendly, engaging and enthusiastic men and women who love the outdoors will find plenty of work in the north.