Imagine if garbage wasn’t collected on a weekly basis and people had to deal with it all on their own. While this may sound like a crazy idea today, in 2030 technologies may exist that allow people to process sewage and waste right at home.
This is made possible through biofilms. Biofilms are substances formed when many living cells stick together to create a living surface. For instance, cells can be turned into biofilm coatings that process sewage as soon as they come into contact with wastewater. By coating certain surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen of homes, they will become key tools for environmentally-friendly buildings.

Biofilms will likely change the construction industry. Builders are seeing the value of installing living systems that help homeowners or businesses to process their own garbage, reduce the need for harsh cleaning products, and improve air and water quality.
A biofilm installer has a big role in building and retrofitting smart, energy-efficient buildings. They might fit bathtubs with a film that feeds on mildew, or install a “living wall” in a bedroom that is covered in a finish that improves air quality. Biofilm installers will be a great resource for educating people about renovation options for their homes. If a biofilm installer builds a solid network of clients, they will also have the opportunity to open their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. 

Job Requirements / Skills

Biofilm installers are independent workers who are able to tailor solutions for each client’s needs. They’ll build on the work done by biochemists and microbiologists. On the job, they’ll often collaborate with HVAC (heat, ventilation, and air conditioning) technicians, plumbers, carpenters, and general contractors on building or renovation sites. They’re curious and able to learn on their own, so that they can keep up-to-date with developments in what’s happening in biofilm and construction technology. Biofilm installers with a desire to set up their own shop will need some training or education in running a business.