Have you ever seen that video of the mom who speaks to her twins through the video baby monitor?

You know the one; the twins, who are about 18 months old, are supposed to be napping.  Meanwhile they’re having a grand ole’ time, standing up in their cribs, yapping away to each other and definitely not napping, all the while thinking that they’ve pulled a fast one on their mom.

The mother (It’sMommysLife on YouTube), who’s been laughing to herself as she watches her sneaky babies avoid nap time, presses the ‘speak’ button on the monitor and talks to her twins.  Immediately they drop to their mattresses in military-like fashion and pretend that they’re in a deep sleep. The fact that, at such a young age, they’re already trying to pull the wool over their mothers eyes.

It’s hilarious in case you missed it.

Cautionary Tale

I’d watched our twins babble away to each other on many occasions, eventually falling asleep but not before a little fun was had.  So I thought I’d give it a try too.

I was expecting a very comical situation.  Something similar to what I’d seen in the video online.

What I wasn’t expecting was the look of fear in their eyes when they heard my voice come out of no where.  They looked confused and scared and I felt sick about it.

They asked for “mommy?”  but I was no where to be found.  They looked very confused and then the tears started.  What was supposed to be a fun little game ended up scaring the heck out of my babies and pretty much scarring me for life.

Eventually I tried it again, not for fun but out of necessity.

It  had been over a year since our baby monitor mishap.  The girls were almost 2 and a half and had moved into their big girl beds.   Now, I don’t have a problem if the girls want to cuddle in one or the others’ bed for comfort…but after watching Zoey continually go over and bug her sister one night, all while Ella pleaded for her to go back to her own bed, I decided to use the ‘speak’ button again.

This time it was a much different, and better outcome.  Not only did I not terrify my children this time, but Zoey actually listened to the instructions from mommy’s mystery voice.

While I love my baby monitor and have no plans of getting rid of it, I very seldom use the speak feature on it.  I can probably count the number of times on one hand that I’ve pressed it.  I’m not sure if the girls even remember the first time I ever pressed that button, but one things for sure, I will never forget it.