It may be the middle of summer but signs that the kids will soon be heading back to school are showing up on store shelves everywhere.

We may not be prepared to think about it (kids are definitely not ready yet!) but now, is actually the best time to shop – and save – for the return to the classroom.

How to save money on school supplies

Starting early can give you the chance to take stock of what you already have and help prevent you from panic shopping in September.  Do the kids really need new backpacks or will last year’s model do?  Which clothes have the children actually outgrown?  Taking stock can help save you some money.  You’ll likely realize you don’t have to buy as much as you first anticipated.  You can also check out these back to school tips that will save you both time and money!

Back to school list

Once you have an overview of what the kids need for school, create a list.  Also, have a look at the school’s list to see what will be needed for the year.  Combine the two for the ultimate back to school list and don’t stray from those items when you shop.  It will help keep you, and your budget, in check!

Online shopping discounts

Whether it’s online or in-store, many retailers are offering up deals now.  Look around for student discounts and coupons.  Summer clothes are on sale and some pieces can even carry into the fall or even winter.  From crayons to clothes to computers, there are cost-savings to be found!  You just have to keep looking.

Saving money for future schooling needs

The benefit to saving money while you shop for back to school, is that you can actually put that extra money towards your child’s future education.  The start of a new school year is the perfect time to start a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) or top up your current contributions to prepare for the future and your child’s pursuit of higher learning.

Back to school shopping can be overwhelming but it can also save you some money.  Just think, the sooner you start, the faster you can get back into the summer groove, spend time with the family and in the end, be ready and refreshed when the new school year begins!