Buy used textbooks

In fact, buy used everything when possible!

Your university will probably have Facebook groups that are specific for these kind of things so, it’s a great place to start before you head to the bookstore to drop $100+ on your new textbook. I think the most I’ve ever paid for a textbook was $60.

If you’re concerned about whether the textbook material is the same, check with the professor,  ask the seller or your upper year friends  to make sure. You can even check the library for comparison.

Attend events

My favourite part about university is the amount of events there are on campus. There are so many faculties and clubs that there’s practically an event everyday.  And any event organizer will  know that food is the biggest incentive for college and university students to attend.  So, take advantage of that, even if it’s just a snack.

If the event lands around lunch or dinner time, then chances are, they will most likely serve you food. It’s a good chance to learn about something new and meet new people, while indulging in a free meal! Win-win.

Eat breakfast in your dorm room

Experiment with what you’ve got! If you have a kitchen, it’s a no-brainer.

If you don’t have a kitchen,  you can still make breakfast even if you have a mini fridge and a microwave! Simple things such as: oatmeal topped with fresh fruits, honey, and almond slices; avocado on bread or an English muffin, and scrambled eggs in the microwave. The list is endless, a simple online search will take you far! At my residence, a nice breakfast costs  at least $5. That adds up to around $150 that could be saved every month! Now multiply that by the number of months that you will be staying in residence, which is typically around 8 months for a total of approximately $1200! That’s a lot of savings!

Enter contests, competitions, and surveys

There are often many contests, competitions, and surveys going on around campus. Since these are usually limited to students, the likelihood of winning can potentially be high as  many students  normally don’t bother entering.   There are also many research surveys which ask for student participation and  they usually pay from $10-25 an hour. They’re usually fairly easy to do and if the topic is of interest to you, it could be fun and educational too! It’s a nice way to earn a couple of bucks without the commitment of a part-time job.