Today, Google Maps and Google Earth are already changing how we see and understand distant places. By 2030, maps will come alive with numerous virtual figures. Canada Online will be a high-resolution online community where potential immigrants and visitors can spend time in a multiplayer version of Canada. Combining virtual images of real spaces, and inviting participation from real people, the Canada Online simulation tries to be honest about what the country is like. It offers Canadians the opportunity to create online profiles to interact with people who might someday become their neighbours and friends. Most players appreciate that the simulation is not perfect. However, it gives many different people the chance to meet and learn from each other

Because many potential immigrants to Canada are encouraged to spend time in Canada Online, they benefit from the work of Canada online coaches. A Canada online coach will role-play typical Canadian interactions—at work, on transit, in the hospital and at school—to help possible immigrants get used to Canadian culture. The Canada Online coach is the real Canadian who others can talk to when they run into a cultural or social habit that they don’t understand.

Job Requirements / Skills

Because the Canada Online coach might take on the role of Canadians from many walks of life, a background in performance arts like acting will be essential. A person with a positive outlook who is eager to welcome newcomers will make a great coach. Individuals who have studied Canadian or First Nations history will also have valuable contributions and stories to share. Experience with online games and virtual environments are also assets for this role.