Excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have been the main cause of global climate change. While many industries and communities have reduced their carbon emissions (think hybrid cars and energy efficient fridges), capturing the emissions that we’ve already made will become a lucrative new industry. Carbon capture technicians will use machines to capture greenhouse gases and store them in deep, underground tanks to help slow the effects of climate change.

Carbon capture technicians will need to design, build, and maintain these carbon capture systems. These systems range from small rooftop units that look like air conditioners, to giant installations that cover two football fields. Systems will be often be custom built for specific locations, so carbon capture technicians will need to have a deep knowledge of the site where they are working. They will also have to routinely check that the storage tanks are not leaking. Carbon capture technicians play a very important role in keeping the atmosphere safe for humans, animals and plants.

Job Requirements / Skills

Do you enjoy working with your hands, being outdoors, and have an interest in making our world more environmentally friendly? If so, a future as a carbon capture technician may be for you! A background in engineering and experience in the mining or oil and gas industries will be very helpful for this role. The technical aspects of building and maintaining carbon capture systems will also draw HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) tradespeople to this field. Working in carbon capture will require strong problem-solving skills, an enthusiasm for working with complex machinery, and an eye for the small details.