As the saying goes, find a job you love and it won’t feel like work at all. A big part of loving your job and being happy at work has to do with your organization’s work culture. Work culture is a broad term that refers to the environment where people work, the company’s beliefs and values, and the way that employees feel toward the organization. Part leadership guru, part therapist, and part event coordinator, company culture ambassadors play a big role in ensuring positive work cultures. They are tasked with routinely checking in with employees, addressing any concerns, developing training programs, and organizing fun perks for the staff, such as free lunches and yoga classes, to boost company morale.

In 2030, organizations in Canada are competing for top talent—even more so than in 2014 due to the country’s aging population and shrinking workforce. Company culture ambassadors will be crucial to fostering strong work cultures that retain employees and attract top talent. Company culture ambassadors need to be excellent communicators and capable of solving all sorts of problems as they work closely with everyone from interns to executives.

Job Requirements / Skills

This is a job about people, so it goes without saying that good people skills are a must. Company culture ambassadors need to be good listeners with excellent problem solving and organizational skills. Creative thinkers with outgoing personalities will love this job. Training in human resources, event planning, sociology, psychology, and organizational behaviour would be tremendously helpful.