In theory, a standard public school system means that every child has the same opportunity for excellence. However, we know that children have different learning styles, attention spans, set of interests, and areas where they excel. In 2030, educators recognize that teaching the standard lessons may mean that some students will miss out opportunities for excellence. Other children with special needs may fall through the cracks. This is where personalized or custom learning comes in—education plans designed for individual students that cater to their unique learning styles. With all this variety, though, someone has to make sure that we all end up with the same core skills and knowledge.

A curriculum standards officer works to ensure that all students in the school sys-tem are receiving a strong education and the knowledge necessary to move on to the next grade, while allowing customization to adapt to each child’s learning needs. The officer evaluates learning games, activities, projects and classes, and provides recommendations to teachers when necessary. This is an ideal role for people inter-ested in education and who enjoy working with both adults and children of all ages.

Job Requirements / Skills

Curriculum standards officers have a solid background in education. They know the theory and practice behind different types of learning. They need a thorough under-standing of requirements for different grades and must be able to relate these to the realities of everyday teaching and learning. Officers understand the benefits and drawbacks of evaluation methods and educational games or techniques. The best curriculum officers will have graduate education in the psychology of learning.