Money is no longer strictly controlled by governments. As a result, there are now many variations of currency depending on what you need them for: saving, trading, buying or selling.  For example, Bitcoin, a digital currency not tied to a country, and its descendants have opened up financial services and started alternative economies that are helping to even out the bumps of the traditional boom-and-bust economy.
However, it’s not easy to know how best to use these new digital currencies. For some, such as Bitcoin, prices still fluctuate wildly; others, like Freicoin (a currency that loses value the longer you hold onto it) have a ‘use it or lose it’ association because their value automatically decays over time. Digital currency advisors specialize in these currencies and show people how to manage their wealth by using the right balance of systems.

Job Requirements / Skills

Financial management, accounting experience and knowledge of digital currency are essential for this position. Familiarity with computer security and a variety of operating systems is also an asset.