When it comes to Mother’s Day – all that we really want is a meal that we don’t have to cook ourselves and for someone else clean up the house.  

But what about Father’s Day?  We often overlook how much our hubby’s do on a daily basis.  Whether it’s cutting the grass, helping with the laundry or even doing bath duty for the kids, they deserve to be celebrated too.  Father’s Day is there to help ensure that we give recognition where it’s due.

But what do you get for the man who has everything?  Another tool? Another shirt? Believe me, I scramble each year to think of the perfect gift … that’s also useful.

I’ve gone with simple, meaningful gifts like a custom photo of the girls with their daddy, and I’ve also done many searches on Pinterest for inspiration.  

Here’s my top 10 list:

1) Customized daddy t-shirt —(Etsy) $30

2) Monogram Keychain — (Etsy) $20

3) Picture frame with kids holding letters/words (i.e.: Best. Daddy. Ever. D-A-D)—(DIY) the cost depends on where you find the individual letters and picture frame

4) A beer/pop can cake topped with lottery tickets— (DIY) dependent on type of beer/pop cans and amount of lottery tickets you choose

5) Daddy mug— (DIY) make it with some sharpies and a dollar store mug

6) Personalized beer glass —(scissorMill) $20

7) “If you can read this, bring me beer” socks— (Etsy) $6.50

8) The Story of Us personalized book — (LoveBook) $55

9) Grill Master hanging BBQ tool display — (Etsy) $35

10) Daddy’s Grilling Plate — (DIY) make it with an oven safe platter, assorted acrylic paints, paint markers, paint brushes

And then there’s the non-so-original-but-always-useful Gift Card.  I know I personally never cringe at getting them, in fact, I look forward to whatever little plastic card I might receive.  Besides, they CAN be personal, it’s just a matter of knowing whether a gift card to Marks Work Warehouse or Sportchek, Bass Pro Mills or even a pedicure day is right up his alley.

**Note: I am not affiliated with any of these sites/companies nor was I paid to promote any of them.**