Games aren’t made just for kids! Gaming is a great way for people of all ages to learn. Gamification is the process of adding game logic in order to achieve better outcomes. Not to be confused with a video game designer, the gamification designer combines game logic with everyday activities, events, products, and services. As a gamification designer, you’ll work with technologists, designers and business people to make the world a more playfully challenging place. You may also design games with doctors, therapists, or psychologists that help people bounce back in the face of serious life challenges like injury, illness or depression.

By making otherwise boring or difficult activities into one of fun and (literally) games, the gamification designer can motivate people, help them heal, inspire better customer experiences, or make better habits.

Job Requirements / Skills

You’ll need certification as gamification designer, where you’ll receive a background in human motivation and player behaviour. You will also learn how to effectively design challenges and rewards that make sense in the real world. Some training in design, psychology, and data science will be beneficial but not necessary.