This year has brought plenty of changes for parents navigating their children’s futures. While dealing with unexpected challenges and new opportunities, families are finding ways to innovate, dream big and defy the odds.

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation wants to help set up your child for a better future in an ever-changing world. To celebrate Canadian Innovation Week hosted by the Rideau Hall Foundation, we’re sharing with you a set of innovation-focused learning tools as part of Education for Innovation day.

The Need for Innovation

We live in a world where learning and innovation go hand in hand. When we give ourselves the freedom to innovate, amazing things can happen. By fostering a culture of innovation, we each make a daily choice to push the envelope of understanding, biases and beliefs.

Having an innovative mindset is critical as our world continues to evolve. Today’s students will need to be prepared for rapid innovation and will need the right skills to become great innovators and global citizens.

Education for Innovation

The Rideau Hall Foundation has developed an Education for Innovation learning resource, which helps teachers and parents inspire children and youth who are curious about how their future as innovators could look. Resources are available for early learning, grades 1-8 and grades 7-12. The free, bilingual tools help parents and educators adapt activities for all kinds of learning, across courses and subject areas in the classroom and through distance learning. With practical ideas, engaging activities and checklists, children and youth can quickly learn how to apply innovation for good to make positive impacts in their communities. The E4I resources are also available on D2L’s LMS Brightspace, visit Canadian Innovation Space to learn more:

CST’s Inspired Innovators video series can also be found through Rideau Hall Foundation’s Through scholarships, bursaries, awards and initiatives like the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project, we are committed to supporting future generations and inspiring an innovative mindset. In a world of constant change, innovation is the key to successfully developing problem-solving skills for entrepreneurial jobs, as world events shape future careers where critical skills and innovation for good are needed.