By 2030, Big Data (the masses of information generated by our activity online) will take the power of predictive analytics (the art of using information to predict future actions) and its role in marketing products and services to a whole new level by creating opportunities to understand the needs of individual consumers and serve them in a much more personally relevant way.   Sophisticated and highly targeted marketing media will be delivered online directly to potential customers so that it is easy for them to virtually experience and purchase products and services that meet their needs in a way that is consistent with their preferences and the emotions they wish to experience as part of their desired lifestyle.  Learn more about how Big Data is Reshaping Marketing.

Even before 2030, it is expected that the vast majority of world internet traffic will be video.  The wide appeal of video and the ability of visual media to connect with viewers on an emotional level will continue to make it a powerful marketing tool, along with companion entertainment, gaming, “how-to”, life-hack and other applications that run on multiple online platforms to encourage engagement with brands, influencers, products and services.Marketing eMediamakers will work with Multi-Marketers, societal influencers (such as celebrities and lifestyle bloggers) and media design and production professionals to create emedia that will help potential customers envision how they can use certain products and services in their daily lives to fulfil their personal needs.  This media will also play an important role in creating a personality around products or services and their providers as well as affiliation with the influencers with whom different customer groups or niche profiles feel a sense of connection and shared aspirations or values.  Videos and apps will also be helpful in surfacing product and service needs customers may not be aware of by taking them down a virtual path that demonstrates how using one product naturally leads to using another through a natural evolution driven by a deep understanding the customer’s values and preferences.

Job Requirements/Skills

A Marketing eMediamaker must be a skilled communicator who can integrate customer insights and the demonstration of how products and services can meet customer needs to prepare briefing materials that guide writers and designers in the creation of media around the lifestyle concepts and selling messages developed by marketing managers.  They are also skilled relationship managers who understand the needs of influencers who are, in turn, each manage their own “personal brand” while carefully matching them with suggested products and services they may wish to share with their audiences.