Have you ever stopped to think about the astounding number of roles your Mom has played in your life? It’s pretty amazing. Moms not only have to play a multitude of roles at once, but they also have to quickly switch between roles with the agility of a ninja. Just think about how your Mom played caregiver, nurturer, cheering squad, teacher, trusted advisor, master planner, boo-boo fixer, chef, chauffeur, and crisis negotiator in your life. She likely juggled these with the greatest of ease — often while holding a full-time job and being a supportive spouse. In 2021, Salary.com, calculated that all the roles Moms juggled at home during the pandemic would translate into a whopping $184,000 (US) salary value. Wow!

This Mother’s Day let’s give our Moms a big round of applause to recognize all the integral roles they played in our lives:

The first years: caregiver, nurturer

While you won’t remember that far back, Mom was the ultimate caregiver. Her superpowers helped her decipher your various cries to know when you had to eat, sleep, or just needed to feel her close by. She could hear you crying from three floors away and could sense when you were sick, even before the doctor confirmed it. Best of all, from very early on, Mom made sure to surround you with stimulating things you could see, hear and touch to help spark your curiosity.

The primary school years: teacher, nurturer, cheering squad, chief boo-boo fixer

As you began to explore the world around you, Mom was right there teaching you and cheering you on from the sidelines. When you were hurt physically or emotionally, Mom became the best boo-boo fixer around. Did she read to you, do fun crafts with you, practice throwing balls and bike riding, fuel your imagination with teddy bear teas, blanket forts, and silly songs? All she did helped shape you into the amazing  adult you’ve become.

The teenage years: advisor, crisis negotiator, cheering squad

When the teenage years resembled a roller coaster, Mom was there to help you find your footing again. Together you weathered friendship troubles, heartbreaks, and challenges at school. While you may have turned your nose up at her advice, her silly dances and songs to lift your spirits, and her attempts to be cool, she never wavered as your ultimate fan. Mom never doubted your potential and how far you could soar.

High school graduation and beyond: advisor, friend

You grew up! Mom responded by gently guiding you from the sidelines, letting you find your way. Nobody beamed brighter as you walked across the stage to get your high school diploma or when you got your acceptance into post-secondary school. Mom became your voice of reason, your sounding board, your friend.

Today and forever: your biggest fan

Once you were solid on your path, it became a little less about you and a little more about her. Has a passionate explorer, traveller lover, or grandparent emerged? You may be seeing a completely different side of your Mom now that you’re all grown up. Yet whatever new roles Mom takes on, she’ll continue playing the most important one: she’ll always be your Mom.

To all Moms out there, for all the roles you play in our lives, a big heartfelt thank you. We know we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. 

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