By 2030, Big Data (the masses of information generated by our activity online) will take the power of predictive analytics (the art of using information to predict future actions) and its role in marketing products and services to a whole new level by creating opportunities to understand the needs of individual consumers and serve them in a much more personally relevant way. Sophisticated and highly targeted marketing media will be delivered online directly to potential customers so that it is easy for them to virtually experience and purchase products and services that meet their needs in a way that is consistent with their preferences and the emotions they wish to experience as part of their desired lifestyle.  Learn more about how Big Data is Reshaping Marketing

A Multi-Marketer develops multi-product and service promotional campaigns where each product or service presented to an individual meets a very specific need within their customer profile. Rather than being confronted with many products that compete for attention but only go part way to meeting the customer’s need, an individual surfing the internet will be introduced to one or two “very best match” products that (either alone or in combination with other products) are best suited to the meeting the customer’s need when all of their preferences are taken into consideration.The Multi-Marketer takes the purchase sequence and customer niche profile prepared by a Purchase Prediction Analyst and develops a Lifestyle Concept that speaks to the customer’s needs as well as the psychology and values they bring to consuming while helping them to “see” the products in a setting that conveys the feeling the consumer wishes to experience while having their needs met.To “fill the slots” in the purchase sequence upon which a given niche campaign is built, a Multi-Marketer may work for one large company supplying a variety of products and services or they may be employed by an agency that works with many small and medium size companies that each offer one or a few products and services.

Marketing messages and creative imaging is then developed based on the Lifestyle Concept.  Engaging media (such as a lifestyle video or app) is created that seamlessly places different products and services so that they naturally fit and demonstrate how they serve the customer’s needs.
A Multi-Marketer also works with Marketing eMediamakers to create the campaign media and build relationships with “influencers”, such as celebrities or lifestyle bloggers, who can be tapped to endorse or otherwise play a role in promotional creative, including lifestyle videos.

Job Requirements/Skills

A Multi-Marketer will require all the basic skills of a marketing professional along with some training in the development of the various emedia used in marketing campaign.  Multi-Marketing managers must have the ability to understand customer needs and take a holistic view that allows them to envision how different assortments of different products and services come together to support the desired lifestyles of individual customers at a personalized level.  They will also require relationship management skills in order to work effectively with a variety of team members while serving the needs of product and service providers.