The nostalgist is an interior designer specializing in recreating memories for retired people. Rather than settling for a typical ‘retirement village’ experience where everyone’s apartment looks the same, the wealthy elderly of 2030 will have the luxury of living in a space inspired by their favourite decade. Nostalgists recreate the setting of their preferred time and place for seniors wishing to relive their past, from a small-town 1970s living room to a 1980s university dorm room.
Seniors are beginning to realize that they do not need to be swept along by the winds of change. They have control over their lives and have the experience to decide at which time of life they were happiest. The nostalgist then helps them recreate the positive effects of that time period. Seniors living in these custom designed spaces will be reliving happy memories everyday! 

Job Requirements / Skills

The nostalgist combines the roles of therapist, interior designer and historical researcher.  An eye for historical detail is essential if the past is to be recreated well, but one would not wish to exclude aspects of the present that also bring joy to the customer. Nostalgists do not claim to be actually recreating the past, but rather the effect that living in a particular time had on the people of that time.