People increasingly expect that objects, furniture, and clothes that their online personas (known as avatars) have should also be available to them in the real world. People also want to take meaningful personal items from the real world and bring them into the virtual world. The print shop manager makes this all possible, by running a store that creates virtual versions of real-world items and 3D printed versions of virtual ones. At the print shop, you can scan and digitize your wardrobe so that your online avatar wears what you wear in the real world. Or, you can print real-world outfits based on what you wear online.

As a print shop manager, you will supervise the process of making virtual objects into real ones, and real objects into their virtual versions. In your shop, clients will ask you to use scanning technology, 3D printers, and design software to create ‘round trip’ experiences. For large orders, you will need to manage a longer-term relationship with a client, making sure that the whole scanning or printing process runs smoothly.

You can print real-world outfits based on what you wear online.

 Job Requirements/Skills

Good print shop managers will need to have a keen eye for detail, expertise with 3D printing machines and 3D design applications, and a strong knowledge of design. Good interpersonal skills for consulting with clients would be an asset. Because the manager will be responsible for an entire store, they will need to be able to manage their time and their staff well.