While transporting goods on large ships may not be something we think about, 90% of the trade in today’s world travels by sea. That means that most of what we buy, from cars and electronics to furniture and clothing arrives in Canada via a ship. The biggest issues for shipping are found in the transition from shipping to storage. It’s more likely that a container will get lost at the station than when it’s actually on the train. New innovations have extended the package tracking options for mail and courier services through “smart” shipping containers—SmartCubes—that can be tracked by shippers and recipients. These systems are automated and efficient, but moving millions of containers through a port or depot still means that problems can arise.

A SmartCube technician works with a tracking system to make sure that shipments arrive at the shipment point and the destination. They troubleshoot lost deliveries and sort out containers that have been left behind or overlooked. Rather than manage each individual Cube as it arrives, the technician has an overseeing role, and is ready to step in to solve problems when the system doesn’t work.

Job Requirements / Skills

SmartCube technicians have had very practical, hands-on training in shipping and logistics. They will likely have strong problem solving and people skills, and be comfortable working as part of a team. They will also be familiar with the structural makeup of the SmartCubes for technical malfunctions.