In order to juggle life as a stay-at-home mom and money, Brianne Ducharme, decided to get back to the world of work - on her terms.
It’s been a grand total of 16 months since I hung up my producer hat to permanently wear my stay-at-home mom one, and what a wild ride it’s been!Saying that I love being home to watch our girls grow and develop everyday would be an understatement. I’ve shared in many moments; from the twins figuring out how to put a puzzle together for the very first time, to hugs and handholds with each other, when emotions are high.Don’t get me wrong, as much as I’m here for the awesome stuff, I’m also here for the fighting, the tears, for when they don’t make it to the toilet in time and when they simply don’t like what I’ve made them for lunch. As trying as it may be, it’s been totally worth it.Do I miss my career? If I’m being honest, yes, from time to time. But, not as much as I’d miss my days with them.Unfortunately though, in our society, we need money to live and we knew that this decision would have an impact on us financially.Writing my blogs and becoming a health and fitness coach have been wonderful. I’ve connected with many like-minded women, other moms, and I’ve also made some money doing it along the way.

Blogging and working as a fitness coach has helped bring in some extra income.
When it comes to groceries and gas money, writing and coaching has really helped cover our bills. Still, every now and then, the unexpected happens and while it hasn’t been necessary to dip into savings to cover the expenses, a ‘little more’ would help us feel more comfortable.My husband has offered to take on more to help out, but he’s already doing plenty for us. He needs to spend time with the girls and that’s important. I decided to do something and add another item to my plate. Not just anything, something that wouldn’t take away from being home with the kids. I decided to return to the world of work, but in the evenings at a restaurant - back to my days as a server.So, now I get to be a stay-at-home mom, a coach during the day and by night, a dining room server.

Making it work: picking up evening shifts as a server.
There have been ups and downs, that’s for sure. It’s been great getting out of the house and meeting new people, but it’s also been a juggling act. The beginning was a bit of a challenge; trying to stay on my game being a good mommy and wife, while trying to find a babysitter to bridge the gap between our work hours, dedicating time to coaching and my clients, as well as being good at my new job. It can be exhausting, but day by day it’s getting easier.Life is all about balance and finding a way to make it all work and fit. As tiring as it might be right now, I know once I get into a new groove everything will work out.