Your baby’s nursery - the place for your babe to grab some zzzz’s, can easily become the fanciest room in the house, and that often means it can have a big price tag.But is this always the case? Do you have to buy the $3,000 crib or that one-of-a-kind bedding? If you want to save money, you’ll be happy to hear there are many ways to create a fantastic nursery, stay within budget and avoid steep costs.

Saving money buying second-hand

While it might be nice to have brand new items for your brand new babe, there are a lot of second-hand items that are perfect for a nursery. For some, the idea of buying used or second-hand leaves them cringing. I can understand that, but by going this route, you can find some amazing pieces in great condition and save a ton of money.
The extra cash could come in handy down the road for items that may not be top of mind right now. It could help you be more prepared for when your child wants to pursue activities, or when she wants to go to college or university. Starting to save early, means you don’t have to search for tuition money later. A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), is one way, parents can plan for the cost of their child’s future education.Every bit helps and those are great reasons to try and get over the second-hand cringe factor.

Where to find the deals for decorating a nursery

There’s no shortage of what you can find to help you stick to your nursery budget. A rocking chair, change table, even artwork can be found in great condition at thrift stores and garage sales.
If you prefer the online route that’s a great way to find deals! Craigslist, eBay, Kijiji, Varagesale and local buy/sell/trade groups are great sites to search for the specific items that you need.

It’s who you know...

You’ve got friends right? Well, you’d be surprised at how many hand-me-downs they are willing to part with; bedding, clothing, and even furniture pieces. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask around. It won’t cost you a dime, but maybe a gift card to say, ‘thank you’, is a nice thought.

Long-term savings on baby furniture

Think outside of the box. Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you have to buy baby-specific pieces.
Chances are as your babe grows, they’re still going to need some key furniture pieces like a dresser. So, don’t buy one that will only fit cute little baby outfits and has a change table that can’t be detached. Think more long-term.Buy pieces that make sense when they’re babies but will also grow with them. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Money-saving decor advice for the baby’s room

Putting some special artwork in the nursery is a nice touch, but if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a professional artist to create a one-of-a-kind mural, there are hundreds of different wall decal designs that match your room’s theme and colour scheme for a fraction of the cost.
Not only will this help your wallet, but when your kiddo outgrows the nursery theme you can just peel the decals off and toss them away.

Affordable bedding for baby

Skip the pricey bedding.
Sure, crib bumpers are cute, but Health Canada doesn’t recommend bumper pads because of risks to babies safetyDon’t bother buying an expensive bedding set. All you really need are some cute fitted sheets and a crib skirt to make your baby's sleeping zone cozy and sweet.

Final touches to baby’s room

Accessories can make a statement. Decorative knobs and lighting can make a big difference. They can add a colourful cute touch to the room without breaking the bank. Some extra money-saving tips when it comes to baby:
When you register for items be sure that you also register for different sized diapers and clothes. You might not be thinking of it at the time but it will save you money down the road.You can get some really cute outfits at thrift and second hand stores. If that doesn’t suit you, be sure to check out the frequent sales in-store, sometimes the online deals are even better.Creating a beautiful baby room doesn’t have to cost a bundle. While your little one may be priceless, there’s no harm in saving some coin where you can.