In order to bring humans closer to the food they eat, people are trying to bring farming to the city. However, since cities are crowded and short on space, there isn’t room for traditional farms. Urban greenhouse farming offers one potential solution, by building large farming projects in high-rise buildings. Rather than spreading out, as traditional farming has done, urban greenhouse farming builds up in structures called vertical farms. Urban greenhouse farmers will be very aware of the environmental impact of farming, and will try to reduce their energy use as much as possible. Because vertical farms are located in cities, they will become important players in feeding local communities.
An urban farmer will need to juggle the needs of different crops being grown in a dense space. Technical aspects of this profession include knowledge of solar power and lighting design, and watering systems. A vertical farmer must be willing to dedicate years to learning and perfecting the craft of greenhouse gardening in high-rise structures.

Job Requirements/Skills

This is a great profession for people with a love for working with their hands and cultivating living things. Hands-on work will need to be combined with strong organizing skills and the ability to follow strict routines. Backgrounds in botany, horticulture, traditional agriculture, and engineering will ensure that crops grow well together. People who are skilled teachers with an interest in food and nutrition will be needed to integrate the farm into the community. We need people with every skillset run this business well!