If you need to skip a contribution and extend your contribution schedule by one more month, for example, that’s no problem at all. We have options for you because we want to help you finish saving for your child’s post-secondary education.  With CST Advantage Plan, provided you have made 6 or more contributions and are on a monthly contribution schedule, you can miss up to 6 contributions and make up the payments at the end of your contribution schedule. If you need to skip more than 6 contributions, you can transfer into the either the Family Savings Plan or Individual Savings Plan. You can stay in the Family or Individual Savings Plan for as long as you need and we can also help you return to CST Advantage Plan at a later time, if you wish. If you are on an annual contribution schedule, options are also available, and it is best to contact our Customer Experience Team. We can be reached at [email protected] or at 1-877-333-7377.