Yes, CST provides a CST Loyalty Bonus, formerly known as a Sales Charge Refund, is when we return some of the fees that you paid to set up your plan. With CST Advantage Plan, when the student attends post-secondary school, we will refund 50% of the sales charges that you paid to boost the money that your children receive! And we don’t provide a CST Loyalty Bonus by reducing the income earned from your investment. Instead, we have dedicated funds set aside specifically for this purpose. CST is the only group RESP that does this. To qualify for a CST Loyalty Bonus:

  • You need to make all of your contributions
  • Your student needs to be in the plan when s(he) turns 18
  • The student needs to collect all four EAPs while they’re completing their post-secondary education.


Should life happen and your situation changes, we also offer you the ability to transfer from CST Advantage Plan to a Family or Individual Savings Plan if:

  • You prefer a less structured contribution schedule or,
  • Your child pursues a post-secondary program that is shorter than four years, or
  • Your child decides to not pursue post-secondary education.


If you transfer to the Family Savings Plan or Individual Savings Plan you may be eligible for a partial CST Loyalty Bonus of up to 25% of the sales charges that you paid in the CST Advantage Plan.