If you have a CST Advantage Plan, your student has until the 36th year of the plan to collect their remaining EAPs. Your student can also take a break between years of study and still qualify for their remaining payments. For this reason, we recommend that you have a full discussion with your child about their post-secondary education intentions prior to collecting their EAPs. This is especially true if your child is enrolling in a 1- or 2-year program and doesn’t plan on pursuing further studies later. In these instances, it is usually better for you to transfer to our Individual or Family Savings Plans to maximize the amount of money that your child will receive. Please note that in order to make this transfer to the Family Savings Plan or Individual Savings Plan, we need instructions prior to your child enrolling in post-secondary education and before the end of the year in which your child turns 20. Please contact our Customer Experience Team at [email protected]a or at 1-877-333-7377.