The CST Advantage Plan

Top 40 Money Managers, Benefits Canada, November 2023

Our singular passion is to make post-secondary education possible for all Canadians

We’ve been helping Canadian families invest in post-secondary education through RESPs for decades.

* Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan 2023 Audited Financial Statements

**Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation 2023

Get the most from your education savings
An Investment Approach for long-term success 

Your investment is in the hands of some of Canada’s top institutional money managers.1 So you can be confident that your money will be there when you need it.

We focus on long-term value by investing to protect your principal combined with the earning power you need. 

Principal protection

Your RESP principal2 and grants are invested in securities such as Canadian government and corporate bonds. Once your student is ready to attend post-secondary education, we will return your principal. 

Earning power you need

The income your principal2 and grants earn are invested in a mix of U.S. Equity, International Equity, Real Estate, and Infrastructure Equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), along with Canadian Equities with a goal of ensuring your investment earns positive returns over the life of the plan.

1. Top 40 Money Managers, Benefits Canada, November 2023.

2. Principal: A Subscriber's accumulated contributions less sales charges and account maintenance fees.

Saving for their future made easy

1. Principal: A Subscriber's accumulated contributions less sales charges and account maintenance fees.

2. Advantage Plan Benefits are comprised of Attrition and the Group Plan Bonus. Refer to the Prospectus for additional information.

3. Subject to investment risk: See Prospectus for details.

No matter what path your child takes, we’re here to help

If your child decides not to pursue post-secondary education or you want more flexibility on your contributions and how you withdraw your savings, you can always enroll in a Family Savings Plan or Individual Savings Plan. You can also easily transfer from a CST Advantage Plan to a Family or Individual Savings Plan1.

These options are perfect for children of any age and come with a different set of benefits that help you confidently save for the long-term.

1. Conditions apply: Transfer to Family or Individual Savings Plan must occur prior to the payment of any EAPs and December 31 in the year the Beneficiary turns 20 and will lead to a loss of rights as a CST Advantage Plan subscriber.  Please see Prospectus for details.